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Volunteer in Kenya with Tropical Wild Expeditions

Kenya and Tanzania

Volunteer in Kenya with Tropical Wild Expeditions

The following is a brief description of the volunteer opportunities established and offered by Tropical Wild Expeditions, furthermore, Tropical Wild Expeditions is always interested in YOUR IDEAS, and holds in very high regard the opportunities and initiatives volunteers themselves have to offer. If you would like to discuss any of the following in further detail, or perhaps speak with one of our staff about your own ideas please contact us.


Many have the desire… but the opportunity to experience refugee life in its purity isn’t easy to find! Tropical Wild Expeditions has worked within a group of refugee camps for over 12 months now, assisting over 600 families through their battle to regain a sustainable life after losing everything during the 2007 post-election riots. Living and working in an internal refugee camp is an experience like no other and allows for many different volunteer opportunities. Whether you’re interested in teaching at Tropical Wild Expeditions’s IDP primary school, running child or adult workshops for the IDPs, getting your hands dirty amongst the many conservation and construction projects we currently have to offer or even beginning your own project to assist in the sustainability of these camps… The possibilities really are endless when it comes to the difference you can make amongst the IDP’s and Tropical Wild Expeditions’s aim to create for them sustainable living opportunities.


Tropical Wild Expeditions has formed partnerships with many educational settings, allowing volunteers to become involved in teaching experiences whilst in Kenya. Volunteers wishing to choose a teaching placement will become involved in many daily tasks in and outside of the classrooms which will include, assisting the classroom teacher in their daily routines, providing one on one tutoring and assistance to specific children in the classroom, creating extracurricular activities for students before and after school as well as during school breaks and directing their own classes once they feel comfortable in doing so.

Volunteers with expertise in this area will also have the opportunity to conduct professional development workshops with the staff within their teaching placement, allowing them access to developmental opportunities that they may otherwise fail to acquire.


Tropical Wild Expeditions acknowledges volunteers’ desire to work with children and offers several different placements in orphanages in and around Nairobi. Volunteers wishing to partake in an orphanage placement will be involved in several daily tasks such as getting the children ready for school and sometimes joining them on their commute, washing and cleaning, cooking and farm work, assisting the children with their homework and daily duties and of course simply spending time with the orphans, playing games and getting involved in the activities they enjoy.

The living situation for volunteers working in orphanages will depend on which particular placement they are working in, some volunteers will have the chance to live with the children in the orphanage, others will be placed in home stays nearby.


Tropical Wild Expeditions runs a LINX program, designed to identify street children who have been displaced and disconnected from their families and homes. Once such identifications have been made, Tropical Wild Expeditions’s LINX case manager begins to work individually with such children, aiming to make contact with significant members of their families, in the hope that re-connection between child and family can be made. Such work involves travelling to the previous homes of the children, meeting their significant family (parents, grandparents, siblings etc)…and assessing whether the environment witnessed is a suitable one for the child to re-engage with. In the cases where information gathered would suggest otherwise, the case management team then set out to meet the child’s specific needs themselves in ways which include providing sustainable living, work and/or educational opportunities.

Volunteers wishing to become involved in the LINX program would be involved in all aspects of such work, this would include the administration requirements attached to each case such as assessing each individual child and their associated needs and preparing date once such findings have been made. They would also be involved in the field work attached to each case, which invovles conducting interviews with the children identified, immersing themselves into the environment the children are living amongst to gain a better understanding of their individual circumstances and locating and travelling to significant family members linked to each child.


Medical aid is a necessity to all, particularly those in third world countries who are more susceptible to illness, viruses and disease.

Tropical Wild Expeditions offers volunteers the opportunity to become involved in providing such medical aid in a variety of ways. We have several medical placements in and around Nairobi, allowing volunteers to work beside medical practitioners in the field. Tropical Wild Expeditions also holds great importance to offering medical assistance to rural communities outside of Nairobi as well as taking volunteers into the homes of those who are either not financially able to afford visits to doctors or hospitals or who are unable to leave the house to do their illnesses.


We as Tropical Wild Expeditions believe sports is a successful way of bringing people together and celebrating the skills and talents of the children involved.

Tropical Wild Expeditions provides volunteers with the opportunity to create and carry out sports programs and workshops to the youth from schools, orphanages and the slums. In doing so, they will also have the opportunity to organize local weekend tournaments, bringing the youth together and creating opportunities for them to become involved in positive skill and confidence building experiences.


The program aims at bringing young people together by utilizing various forms of art. Tropical Wild Expeditions seeks to gain talented volunteers in various forms of art be it in the visual or performing sector. The program aims to involve young people in Kenya who have been stricken by poverty and unemployment and would benefit immensely from such an opportunity to realize their full potential, boosting their confidence and encouraging them to take the next step toward a promising future. In doing so, Tropical Wild Expeditions aims to lead the youth away from the streets where all too often adolescents become caught up in crime, drugs and violence.

Tropical Wild Expeditions offers two sectors within the creative arts program, those being Visual Arts and Performing Arts. We believe that volunteers bring with them a wealth of their own knowledge and skills. Within our art program we allow for such skills to lead the way…allowing volunteers the opportunity to design their own programs during their placements, using Tropical Wild Expeditions as a means of facilitating opportunities to run such programs within a specific placement. WE WANT YOUR IDEAS!!! It is as simple as contacting us directly to begin designing your own creative arts program!

Furthermore, in recognition of the hard work of both the volunteers and youth involved in any of the creative arts sectors, volunteers have the opportunity to come together and host community events, allowing their students to showcase their hard work and skills to the wider Tropical Wild Expeditions Community as well as their friends, family and local supporters.


Focusing on Tropical Wild Expeditions’s objective to facilitate and support sustainable development amongst impoverished communities, volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in some of our many development and conservation projects amongst independent community settings as well as within our specific projects such as The Southern Cross Academy, where its continual development and growth creates the opportunity for ongoing volunteer involvement. Tropical Wild Expeditions is always looking for new projects which aid sustainable community development and recognizes that each and every project currently active and in our future vision exist due to volunteer interests and expertise. So, as well as getting involved in any of our existing projects, there is always the opportunity to work with us in creating a project of your own. Rest assured that Tropical Wild Expeditions’s dedicated staff are always on the ground to help facilitate such projects and continue to see them through.